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It begins

Well, it began a while ago. But it’s starting to take form. Like many of us, I’ve been following the shaping up of the green movement for some time now. I’d like to think I’ve been an active participant, but in truth, I’ve been a slacker. In my professional life I’m a PR guy. Good PR guys (or gals) have one big goal: communicate a message to a designated audience. When you do it right you sell more products, shut out the competition, win an election or sustain or build a position in the market. I like PR because I like communicating and I like the competition in communicating smarter than the next guy. And, for the most part, I like PR because I get to work with good clients and good people.

What makes PR exciting? Watching effective communications change perception and drive markets and/or organizations to new places. So my personal connection: I’m a PR guy that believes in clean. I believe in the cause, and in the collective contributions each of us can make to a better existence. And most importantly, I believe we should do what we can to put this earth back on a path where it will provide similar fruits to our children and grandchildren that it provided to us.

There’s no one telling each of us what our role should be in contributing to this cause. We got ourselves into this so we all can figure out our own ways to help get out of it. One thing I’m going to do is help companies, VCs, researchers and other cool people who are building clean products and services communicate better. And in turn, they will educate their audience, displace products and services that are no longer sustainable, and the important part…grow their businesses. Ideas are everywhere in this industry. The good ones spur more ideas. Promote the good ones = drive more good ideas b/c every good idea needs a better idea.


December 27, 2006 - Posted by | clean tech, green or clean PR, public relations, sustainable thinking

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